Excellent artwork. And good start to diving into the world of these comics. [MM Comic Starter Bundle]


Beautifully printed! I'm looking forward to buying the rest of the series. [MM Comic Starter Bundle]


This tarot deck is absolutely beautiful! I love it and connect with the imagery and feel represented. I'm excited to get to know these cards and the story better! Thank you [MEN PLUS MONSTERS Tarot Card Deck]


An instant favorite, this deck is exciting, refreshing, and practical! The expressiveness of each figure gives each card a fresh-yet-familiar perspective on every scenario depicted while sensuous details heighten the excitement of meditating over the cards' meanings. Crucially I cannot overstate the value of the included guidebook! Every part is worthwhile for beginner and expert readers alike: The introduction to the tarot and description of spreads presents a relatable and grounded mode for performing meditations with the deck, and the biographical excerpts from the world of Men Plus Monsters that accompanies each card enriches the artist's interpretation of familiar iconography with layers upon layers of context. With the Tarot, perspective is the name of the game, and Aero Zero delivers! [MEN PLUS MONSTERS Tarot Card Deck]


I am so impressed with this magical tarot , so glad I decided to get the guidebook with it , it is a unique Masculine deck that I will treasure ! Thank you so much for sending it securely ...stay safe and thanks for such an amazing tarot ! [MEN PLUS MONSTERS Tarot Card Deck]