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CELESTIAL ANIMAL Oracle Card Deck + Book

CELESTIAL ANIMAL Oracle Card Deck + Book

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Now with a newly reprinted Deck and Guidebook for 2024!

A mystical anthropomorphic animal deck which is also a handsome and functional piece of fantastic furry art!

Divine your future with classy anthropomorphic art, with 24 cards featuring therianthrope / furry / anthro animal people with diverse body types and gender presentation!

Whether you're familiar with Tarot, Oracle Cards or not, the Celestial Animal Oracle Deck is a luxurious set of cards for anyone who loves anthropomorphic animal people, mystical therianthropes, and colorfully classy furry art.
The deck also come with a velvet bag that perfectly houses your cards and a full-color Guidebook with all the cards' meanings and how to use them!

This is a very beginner-friendly deck with a comprehensive Guidebook that is perfect for Tarot users of all skill levels - Card and Suit Meanings and more included!

The Celestial Animal Oracle Deck comes with:
- 24 cards
- a grey velvet bag (made of vegan synthetic nylon velveteen)
- 100+ page full-color book detailing all of the cards meanings and how to use them

Some very mild nudity (anthropomorphic art with no clothes), no explicit sexual content or genitalia.

[lgbtqia | gay | anthro | bara| furry | therian | zodiac | beginner-friendly]

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