MEN PLUS MONSTERS Tarot Card Deck + Book + Velvet Bag

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** Will be in stock in early JUNE 2020 **
A mythical deck of monsters and men which is also a handsome and functional piece of art!

Divination has never been so monstrously beautiful, with 78 symbolically-accurate cards featuring men, monsters, and more from MEN PLUS MONSTERS Comics!

Whether you're familiar with Tarot, MM Comics, or not, the MEN PLUS MONSTERS Tarot Card Deck is a luxurious set of cards for anyone who loves handsome characters, mythological monsters, and colorfully classy art. The deck also comes with a velvet bag that perfectly houses your cards and a full-color booklet with all the cards' meanings and how to use them!

Comes with:
- 78 cards
- a black velvet bag
- 40+ page full-color book detailing all of the cards meanings and how to use them

Some nudity (topless people), no explicit sexual content.