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Digital Watercolor Commission [SFW | OCs | Fandoms | Original Characters & More! ]

Digital Watercolor Commission [SFW | OCs | Fandoms | Original Characters & More! ]

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A quick but professional Safe For Work drawing featuring your OC or character of choice rendered in digital watercolor-style full-color!

$40 Base Price

♢ price includes 1 character and watercolor effects

♢ No Revisions, No Background

♢ ~1 week completion time from order

♢ 900 x 900px final illustration JPEG (may be larger depending on subject matter and pose)

How to Send References:

♢ Send references via the notes section at checkout OR send them to and please have all references ready when requesting a commission. Please provide reference of the characters you’d like me to draw and a description of the situation you’d like them to be in.

♢You will receive your finished commission via your e-mail that you used at checkout from - please check your spam folder within the week of delivery, and feel free to reach out via the Contact page if you have any questions!


Terms of Service:

♢ Commissioner will not be taking commissions based on real peoples' likeness, including the client's likeness - please request fictional characters only.

♢ Please do not send pictures of yourself or any real people, even if they are your personal reference for fictional characters.

♢ Commission Client agrees by taking on a commission that they are an Adult, 21+ and of legal age and consent to view or commission any kind of artwork from me, SFW or NSFW, Explicit or not.

♢ Commission Client agrees that the artist (Aero) drawing your character for this commission and be from a country that accepts LGBT+ and NSFW content to be able to accept commissions (even if they are safe-for-work)

♢ I do not mind spoiler content for Final Fantasy XIV :)

♢ Commissioner reserves the right to refuse requests for any reason. Commission purchases will be refunded if this is the case.

Copyright Info:

  • ♢ All specific artworks created by Aero Zero are copyright to them, and are agreed to be used only for non-commercial purposes by both Aero Zero and the commissioner. All characters belong to their respective owners. All MEN PLUS MONSTERS characters, comics, illustrations and art are copyright AERO ZERO from 2012 onward.

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