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***NSFW - Must be 18+ to order!***

The swordsman vessel for the god of lust, his monster lover, his sexy older mentor, and his other polyamorous loves are on the run from a carnal warrior cult as they journey through a bewitched world of erotic monsters and confront their own personal demons to find and kill the sorcerer who cursed them.

ISSUE 2: Xerxes relives his time in the sex-ritual-centric Sect of Strato, while Osric succumbs to the djinni curse in a new fiery way!
  • Paperback (inside-stock cover)
  • 24 pages
  • 7" x 10.5"
  • First edition
  • Full color
  • NSFW / Uncensored
Please note that these stories are VERY explicit, and feature various kinds of kinks and fun things that are definitely not safe for work. Each book is intended for an 18+ adult audience, and we do not take responsibility for people who buy without this in mind.