MEN PLUS MONSTERS Origins + Thank You PDF [Kickstarter]

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***NSFW Content - Must be 18+ to order!***

The comics will be sent via your e-mail so please buy with an active e-mail account {:^> Thanks for supporting the Kickstarter!

MEN PLUS MONSTERS Origins digital comic:
            A 6-page digital full-color comic briefly detailing the world of MEN PLUS MONSTERS through handsomely rendered vignettes of several of the main characters of MEN PLUS MONSTERS Comics. A must-have for those new to the MM world!

6 pages, full-color, digital, non-explicit.

Thanks from Men Plus Monsters! digital comic:
            A digital full-color comic to be delivered to all  backers of the comics’ Kickstarter campaign after funding is complete.  The characters of Knight of Alanoc and the cast of MEN PLUS MONSTERS Comics will thank each of you in one sexy, fun comic made with love! Length of comic will vary (likely 1-3 pages when finished), but each page will be about 7 x 10.5".

1-3 pages, full-color, digital, suggestive to explicit content.