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Discounted Single-issue Books! (Misprints, etc)

Discounted Single-issue Books! (Misprints, etc)

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MEN PLUS MONSTERS Comics come in all shapes and sizes - sometimes stray copies are not up to our highest quality standards, and we often have to have them sitting on the shelf, lonely.

But now you can adopt one of our books if the flaws are not a problem! Our Discounted Books have one or two flaws that make them more suitable to be sold for a discounted price.

In many cases, the main printed content isn't affected and you can still get the full story. Sometimes the colors come out wild and aren't what was intended by the artist. These are mostly misprints or errors.

Due to the nature of these items, they cannot be refunded or reimbursed - upon sale you agree that you are loving them for all their imperfections {:3c Thanks for looking!

Book titles are in the variations menu, with photos corresponding to the error listed.

Check back often! We almost always have a few misfits in our inventory {:3c


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